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In 1991, as a college sophomore, I ran my first marathon. At the time the Chicago Marathon had no title sponsor and about 8,000 participants. The day before the race, I took the El down from Evanston to the marathon expo and picked up my first issue of Windy City Sports. Four years later, I was editor of the magazine and working with race organizers to create the marathon's official program. After nearly two decades, the marathon has grown to one of the most respected races in the world, with 45,000 runners toeing the starting line every year, and Windy City Sports magazine has become part of The Competitor Group, with editions all over the country.

When I started at Windy City Sports, I was the only editorial staff member. But with a strong sales staff and a talented group of freelancers, the magazine grew quickly, certainly helped by the boom in the participation sports that we focused on—running, cycling, triathlon, hiking and mountain biking. Within a few years our company expanded by purchasing Rocky Mountain Sports magazine in Colorado, followed shortly by MetroSports in New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. We started Twin Cities Sports in Minnesota, and soon Windy City Publishing was producing six regional magazines each month out of our home office in Chicago. I created and oversaw the editorial and production of all six titles and continued to contribute stories and columns. We built websites and an online division, and eventually formed Gen-A Media (Generation Active), for which I provided national content that ran in similar fitness-oriented magazines across the country. In 2009, Windy City was purchased by The Competitor Group, and I stayed on as senior editor.

I’d been involved with the magazine long enough to go from our first e-mail address (an AOL account, if memory serves) to working on digital editions, websites and online databases. I’ve been able to interview great athletes, test amazing gear, and race in enough marathons, triathlons and 5K runs to fill my closet with a lifetime supply of T-shirts. I’ve done everything from travel writing and profiles to news and features. The mission of our magazines was to promote an active lifestyle, helping people follow their passions.

Now, as a freelance writer and editor, I have those same goals. I produce creative storytelling that focuses on running, triathlon, fitness, travel, food and family. I’m based in Naperville, Ill., just outside of Chicago, where I live with my wife and three kids. And I’m training for the 2011 Chicago Marathon, 20 years after my first one. I guess we’ll see just how much I’ve learned when I get back to the starting line in October.